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'LIFE' Blog

Tangle Teezer, A Girl's Best Friend

Posted on June 19, 2016 at 5:30 PM

As a thank you to Tangle Teezer for the lovely products they sent me and for offering to retweet my Paxman Pioneer story, I thought I'd tell my own little Tangle Teezer story...

Tangle Teezer, you have been in my life now for years. Our journey started one Christmas morning when you were there waiting under the Christmas tree, you were one of the presents I couldn't wait to try. Your box promised miracles for those of the unruly hair, the answer to unmanageable hair but would you live up to your promise? But yes you did. You tamed my thick hair, you took on and won where most brushes failed. I wasn't left cutting out knots anymore when I had styled it too much and used too much product, you glided through my hair effortlessly and when it came to bigger knots you put the work in and got through them too. You were kind to my hair, you didn't tug and painfully pull leaving sore patches, you didn't leave a trail of lost hair from over brushing, you detangled as you promised, you were a hero in brush form and transformed a mane of thick, untameable hair into healthy, manageable hair. You were put to the test in our early years together, when I was young and constantly trying new styles, too much hairspray, too much curling mousse, but you were my hair saver and you saw my hair through these testing times. You brushed, you back-combed, you really did it all, you brushed out bed-head hair in a morning, you refreshed hair throughout the day, you detangled before bedtime. You have been out and about in my handbag with me for years, you have been on the beach, poolside, squeezed into a clutch bag when going out, waved about in discussions on boy issues in the toilets on nights out, borrowed by friends. It was quite sad to throw you away when you got old and putting you in soak didn't clean you up anymore, but I got a new Tangle Teezer and the story started again, but we now had a happy life, you had tamed my hair, I had left the experimental stage behind and was now kind to my hair, we washed and blow dried and you did the rest and kept my hair in check. Then after all those years along came cancer, the chemo would make me lose my hair and it threatened to part me and my Tangle Teezer, you wouldn't be needed anymore, put in a drawer for months while I waited for my hair to grow back, maybe after all those years of detangling you would brush out my hair as it started to fall out. You had been used many times a day for years but I wouldn't have use for you anymore. But even cancer couldn't part me and the Tangle Teezer. I chose to fight to save my hair by using the cold cap and you were with me all the way through, you were in my hospital bag on biopsy day, you came to every chemo, I brushed my hair before the conditioner and cold cap went on, you gently brushed through my hair after washing it the next day and you continued to look after it all through. We must of made a good team, you, me and the cold cap, as I had zero hair loss. From teenager, growing up, to cancer survivor you have been there through it all, I'd never say no to diamonds, but Tangle Teezer really is a girl's best friend.

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