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The CT scan and I Am NOT Having Iodine

Posted on May 14, 2016 at 1:35 PM

C.T scan day had arrived, I have said in a previous post that I aren't here to teach or preach, but here is a valuable life lesson, never try to fake an Iodine allergy, one its a waste of people's time, two its simply not a good idea, and three you've got no chance of pulling it off! Although if you have, please let me know how you did it :) just joking.

As you now know, I had big time medical phobia so the CT scan was my first dipping the toe in of the hospital world water and I didn't like it, didn't like it, just did not like it!!! Now I fully appreciate that people have CT scans every day, and to be honest there isn't really anything bad about it. But I was out of my comfort zone, I was in the complete opposite to a comfort zone and I was stressed, big time. I had read (point proven of why you shouldn't google) that you could have an allergic reaction to Iodine, which they inject into you through a cannula to give a clearer picture of the body. Now as discussed, I had been suffering from so many skin problems, I seemed allergic to anything, so when I read about problems people can have, I convinced myself that if anyone was going to walk out with their head twice the size it would be me. So through my googling (again not always a good idea) I found out if you were or had a chance of been allergic to Iodine it could be done without. Perfect no Idodine, no risk of a reaction and most importantly no cannula. So I was determined I would not be having Iodine.



My scan was booked for the teatime so I worked to distract myself that day, I had been told to drink lots of fluid, which I do anyway but I upped it. Only one person could come with you so my parents waited in the main hospital and had a coffee while my partner came to the scan with me. First you wait in one waiting room, there's a big sign telling you there is an hour delay. Brilliant, I appreciate how it can easily happen to run behind, but when you're nervous an extra hour waiting is not a good thing, I drank more water, repeatedly said to my partner "I aren't having Iodine" looking back I really don't know why I had it in for the Iodine but it was enemy number one that day. Eventually you are called in to another waiting room in small groups, then its take your turn as you go in one after another. By this point, I was stressed big time, they called me in with another older man and off you go into a room with cubicles. I thought I'd sail through easy, the first nurse was young and seemed quite quiet and I did my 'cant have Iodine speech' and he seemed to buy it, but said he'd have to double check. Before he went off for a second opinion, they were attempting to put the cannula in the elderly man, but were struggling to find a vein. I was virtually right next to him and I did say vein talk did have the effect on me of passing out, why when you say that do they seem to talk about it more? The nurse talked about it more, the man did, the lady with him did. So I have to admit I had a diva moment and said I couldn't stay there listening to that, it worked we got moved into a room on our own.



We were left waiting a few minutes and I had expected the nice nurse to come in and say that's fine, no Iodine. But no. Instead I got a different nurse and she wasn't buying. Had it of been back at school and you had taken your sick note in because you didn't feel like it, say it was hurdles week or high jump, seriously why? What is the point? But anyway if this was back at school and she was the teacher you would hand your note to her but you'd be doing star jumps within in minutes, and she'd put the high jump bar higher as punishment. As I gave my speech she eyed me up and down and told me having a CT scan without Iodine would be pointless as it wouldn't give a clear picture. Then she started to question me. "do you eat much fruit and veg?" ha I knew what she was doing, she was trying to trick me! Well you cant kid a kidder and I knew Iodine was in certain fruits so my reply "no its such a shame I cant eat fruit and veg" she stared at me again "so you never have broccoli or bright coloured fruit?" my reply "no, don't eat it like I say, haven't had any fruit for ages either" she was not giving up, not helped by my partner piping up "you've ate loads of strawberries over the weekend, I didn't get a look in with them" thanks, cheers for that, unfortunately he wasn't close enough to kick. She had never believed me but that had give the game away. she told me she would have to check with the consultant. I aren't proud of myself for this but I said a not so nice word as she left, but I was very stressed, like I say this to me was a phobia so the fear becomes irrational. I think she heard, but I have to say good on her she got her own back. Few minutes later in she came with a litre bottle, which she explained 'just incase' I was allergic to Iodine they wanted to be careful, so I had to drink a litre bottle of the stuff diluted with squash, a cup every 10 minutes, 5 times, that's 50 minutes! I soon tried to worm my way out of it "thinking about it, maybe it isn't an allergy, I'm sure I'll be fine, but this nurse wasn't having it. Up to this point I had been saying "I don't like it, I don't like it" or "I'm not having iodine, I refuse to have iodine" and "I want go home now, I'm going home" I was a diva I have to admit. 10 minutes later the cannula is in and my partner is saying "what you drinking Nad?" after a selection of evil looks aimed at him, I answered "Iodine". I hate the needle part, the thought makes me feel physically sick and well I've always known to be nice to who has the needle in their hand so while she was doing the cannula we bonded a little and I think she realised it was the fear talking, I've realised that for a perfectly sane person, I probably came across quite loopy at times! I even gave her a hug at the end so that says it all!



Once you're sorted in the cannula department, and in my case 50 minutes later, you go into a small room to get changed into the ever glamorous hospital gown. Personally I think it would be easier to do this before the cannula as I didn't find negotiating getting changed with something inserted in your arm easy, so wear something loose and easy to change out of when you go, a sports bra is ideal for us girls as you have no metal underwiring. The thing I liked about this scan was that someone could go with you (not into the scanner unless you need assistance) but having somewhere there through most of the process helps. So at this point I left my partner and went into the CT scanner room. I know people have CT scans everyday but I didn't like it, whether that was just because it was my first medical experience I don't know. But the scan room at my hospital seemed very large, high ceilings, clinical white, harsh lighting and the CT scanner itself dominated the middle of the room, which made it look quite intimidating. There really was though nothing bad about it, you lie down the machine moves you into position and off they go. I cant even remember how long it took but it wasn't long. It was more the stress of been in a hospital, the cannula, the scan, the thought of what was to come that made it seem a stressful experience over what actually happened. When you're done the machine moves you back out. I came out to all the staff behind the glass, doing a thumbs up to me. I just wanted to stick my finger up at them, I wasn't in a happy mood haha. Unfortunately though the thumbs up was just a woohoo! You got through the scan, not woohoo everything is fine. But one positive, I actually wasn't allergic to Iodine.

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