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This area of our site, goes a little off our business side of things, however as the beauty business is aimed at making people feel good, empowering the large female sector of our clients, but also men too and is related to health and lifestyle we feel it has a place on our site. Also the beauty business is a highly social one, yes you will have the one time clients but a huge part of your client base is made up of regular clients, who in fact we find, like many salons

Paxman Cold Cap

Nadia is Paxman's June Pioneer and will be part of their 'Changing the face of cancer' campaign.

must do too, these become friends. When you are seeing people on anything from a weekly to few weekly basis in close contact, its natural to build a bond and .care about your clients. So yes there's the treatment side, but there's also the chat, maybe its just light gossip, celebrity or television talk, but there's also the serious stuff, and if someone has been coming to you for years you are likely to see people through this and this 'serious stuff' is important and talking and awareness of anything like this can help. We've had personal experience of the 'serious stuff' over the last year, so because of this and things coming up of speaking publicly about it to put the story out there and raise awareness, the idea for our 'Life' page and blog came to mind. Our aim is to raise awareness in this particular subject, share the story and hope it can help others. We hope people will get involved, have a read and take something from it. Thank you so much to all who have read my blog and your lovely feedback, so glad it has informed and inspired some of you or you have found it has helped you personally! A huge thank you to everyone who was part of helping us to raise £4,071.89 for North Staffs Chemo Ward. We could of only done this from the help of family, friends and clients.

Nadia's Story...

"I'll expand on the whole story more in my blogs but I'll give you the short story here. Last June I started the process of medical tests and was diagnosed with cancer, Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Stage 2. Looking back, there was different health issues I'd been making excuses for so when I did find out something more serious was wrong it wasn't a total shock, but then been only 26 with a cancer diagnosis was not a position you expect to be in. To start with I thought, ok I've got it, the outlook was positive, I'll have treatment, then get on with life and never mention it again. I don't usually like admitting to a cold so I didn't want to shout out about having the 'C' word. For this reason I only told the people I had too, who I couldn't avoid telling. I was told I'd need around 6 months off for chemo, luckily I did manage to work here and there every other week so some clients never knew, which was lovely as I could just be 'normal' talking about regular things, my clients who had to know as it interfered with their appointments have been amazing, and I'd like to say a huge thank you for how thoughtful and caring you have all been, it really meant a lot to me, just a reminder of what a fantastic job the beauty business is, something its not always given the credit for. You might wonder then why after thinking I'd never mention cancer again after treatment, I'm publicly talking about it. Believe me I didn't think I would be, but some things in life happen, some things that seem so awful to begin with and may not be pleasant during but when you come through it and are out the other side, you realise the huge impact it has on you and you don't want to ignore it, shelve it like it never happened. You want to say it did happen, I got through, learnt and grew through it, and then you want to give something back. You have a greater understanding that cancer is happening, so many people are going through it or about to face it, and my story could help others, if it helped one person that is an achievement. In my 'Life' blog you can read the whole story, from the tests, diagnosis, how I handled it, The Paxman Cold Cap story, Chemotherapy, Results and life after cancer as I got the all clear in March and am now, thankfully in complete remission. You wont find lots of medical jargon in my blogs, there are the proper sites for those, just my story, opinions and some might not believe me yet, but lots of humour! Hope you enjoy" Xxxxxxx

I used the Paxman Scalp Cooling System to save my hair and achieved zero hair loss, something that is the Paxman vision of 'Chasing Zero Hair Loss' so that one day nobody has to face losing their hair from chemotherapy. Their 80:20 by 2020 vision is to raise the success rate from 50:50 to 80:20. From my personal experience I strongly believe this is possible and that it is a vital part of the cancer fight. Please read my related blog for a better understanding of the positive impact of the cold cap. For detailed information on the Paxman Cooling System take a look at their site: