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In today's world there are many methods of hair removal for our unwanted hair problems. However, Electrolysis remains the only approved method of PERMANENT hair removal. It is suitable for all hair and skin types.There are 3 types of removal using electrolysis we use Diathermy. This method of electrolysis works by using an alternating current at a low voltage, as a result water molecules around the hair follicle vibrate, which causes heat production, resulting in the blood supply to the follicle been stopped, weakening the hair and eventually destroying it.

To achieve the most effective treatment, each hair will require multiple treatments. Our hair has a cycle, and not all hairs will be at the same stage at the same time. A hair has its own life cycle of Anagen (alive and growing), Catagen (the hair collapses away from the Dermal Papilla, which is its source of food and nourishment) and Telogen (where the hair dies and disconnects from the Dermal Papilla). In order to achieve successful hair removal,either through Electrolysis or other methods such as Laser and IPL the hair needs to be in the Anagen stage, to get the best results of destroying the Dermal Papilla.

Electrolysis is not a quick fix to hair removal, it is not immediate and will require multiple treatments and you investing your time, to start with maybe on a weekly basis, depending on the area you require treating. However it does work and it is permanent. So if you consider what you could spend on other methods such as waxing or shaving over a life time, then in the long run Electrolysis is the better option as you will have no hair in the end in your problem area.

You can have any area treated with Electrolysis, both men and women, we can all have issues with unwanted hair. For some, it is simply an alternative to shaving of general body hair such as legs and underarms. For others it can be the stronger facial hairs that can come due to hormonal changes during and after the menopause for example. Women of all ages can get stronger unwanted, facial hair, so if this is you, please don't worry or feel embarrassed as it affects so many people. For ladies who suffer excessive hair growth facially, this can have a huge effect on their confidence and emotional wellbeing. In these cases you will need to invest more time in your Electrolysis treatment to start with, but it is in these cases we feel the positive effect of Electrolysis really comes into its own, as when ladies in this position get to a point where they only have to come in now and then and don't think about the hair inbetween, it really can be life changing for them. Of course men can have issues with unwanted hair too, such as excessive growth on ears, again successful Electrolysis treatment can give you your confidence back.

We also offer Advanced Electrolysis, using the same method for hair removal, Electrolysis can also be used to treat broken veins, also known as Thread Veins, skin tags, milia and other skin blemishes. A doctors note may be required prior to treatment but we can advise you of this.

As we are all unique and your problem requiring Electrolysis is unique to you, we offer a FREE consultation service. This will last about 15 minutes, where you can come into salon, have a chat with Patricia about your issue, ask any questions and also have a patch test in the area you would like treated so you can see how it feels. In this consultation Patricia will give you a guideline of how often you will need treatment and an idea of how long for. You can then either go ahead with treatment if the time is available that day, book an appointment or have a think about it and get back to us. Patricia has almost 40 years of experience in Electrolysis as its been her full time job for all this time. We wouldn't know where to even begin if we were to try work out how many clients she has treated, 5 days a week, on average every 50 weeks of those 40 years, plenty of people as you can imagine! However this means, she has a wealth of knowledge regarding Electrolysis treatment and your guaranteed an expert opinion in your treatment.

We are B.A.B.T.A.C members